Custom I/O Controller for Molecular Vapor Deposition on Glass Panels for Smart Phones & Tablets

Custom I/O Controller for Molecular Vapor Deposition
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Custom I/O Controller for Molecular Vapor Deposition

Digital Dynamics is a leading provider of high value process control technology that has a proven record of substantially improving system performance. For this application, we engineered a custom I/O controller as a powerful, flexible, and cost effective solution that eliminated the need for PLCs.

Used to control the molecular vapor deposition process used in the manufacture of glass panels for smart phones and tablets, we designed a high density distributed I/O system that significantly reduced power consumption and was considerably less costly to produce than the current PLC-based control the manufacturer was using. Housed in an enclosure measuring only 7" in length, 11" in width, and 3" in depth, it was also much more compact and simple to integrate into the equipment design. Highly configurable, it features a simplified cabling system and is easily modifiable to accommodate varying process demands.

From design to delivery, we completed this project in only 8 weeks. As with all of our equipment, it was 100% tested before shipment to the customer. To learn more about how our custom designed I/O controller systems can provide performance and cost advantages to your application, contact us today.

Highlights of this Electronics Industry Project

Product Description
Modifies characteristics of glass panels for smart phones and tablets
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Interface Board Design
  • Concept Creation
  • System Integration
  • Programming
Overall Part Dimensions
Material Used
Enclosure is cold rolled steel, brushed bright zinc finish. Inside are 3 Printed circuit board
Interim Solution
  • Simply needs to be bolted on and plugged-in
  • Reduces time and cost of manufacturing tool assembly
Final Solution
  • Eliminate PLC's, replace them with high-density controller
  • Shrink physical size
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduce system cost by 50%
PLC Modules
Large interface printed circuit board
Interconnecting Cables
In process testing/inspection performed
DDI designed electronics are 100% tested prior to shipment of finished units.
Industry for Use
Semiconductor Industry
Delivery/Turnaround Time
8 weeks
Delivery Location
San Jose, CA
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Molecular Vapor Deposition
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