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OEM Products

Digital Dynamics engineers are expert designers of process control systems. DDI has developed a wide variety of custom OEM microcomputer-based products, including:

Is your company resource limited?

Avoid the cost and risk of additional engineering and manufacturing overhead. DDI can design AND manufacture your next custom product
DDI works with customers to develop and improve products, and manufactures them at our facilities in Scotts Valley, California.

Do you need more capability from your current process control product?

The DDI engineering team has a proven track record of substantially improving existing customer designs.

Proven Expertise

DDI has manufactured tens of thousands of products to help OEMs add value to their offerings.

DDI delivers production quantities along with guaranteed quality and performance, allowing you to focus on new product marketing and sales.

DDI's Unique Capabilities

HD Thin and IOC-E Compact
Development Manufacturing Quality

Contact us today to discuss DDI development and/or manufacturing of your next process control product!
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