About Digital Dynamics®

Delivering exceptional products developed and manufactured by our top-notch staff has resulted in DDI becoming the premier supplier of embedded process control products. It is our attention to your details that make DDI a successful partner in your business.

Digital Dynamics (DDI) is an ISO 9001 and IEC61508 registered company with over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience.  Our company has shipped over 80,000 I/O (Input/Output) controllers and related electronics to customers worldwide.

All DDI products are 100% tested before shipment. Typical manufacturing lead time is 6 weeks ARO.  We are staffed to handle all aspects of electrical, mechanical and software design and manufacturing at our facilities in Scotts Valley, California.  

President's Message

Welcome to the Digital Dynamics, Inc. website. We are pleased you have connected with us and we have every expectation we can provide the products and services you need. After over 40 years in business we are very proud of our record of tackling and delivering solutions to address a multitude of problems for a very diverse set of customers. We accomplish this by applying leading-edge technologies in reliable hardware and software.

Our customers refer to us as "the one supplier they don't have to worry about" because our engineering and manufacturing groups deliver products the way they want them and we do it on time. I am honored to be associated with our very experienced employee base and venture to say you will be just as impressed.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in search of creative solutions to optimize your process. Your satisfaction is our business.

Daryl A. Gault ("DAG")
President & CEO


History of Digital Dynamics®

Digital Dynamics®(DDI) was founded in 1977 by James Jerde. The company's goal was to capitalize on digital valve technology pioneered by Mr. Jerde. Over the years, DDI has evolved into a multi-product supplier of OEM computer equipment.

Digital Dynamics®' core business is based on sophisticated engineering, high quality manufacturing and aggressive customer support. DDI manufactures a broad product line of innovative OEM control System Products. DDI is located in Scotts Valley, California, where the corporate headquarters, engineering and manufacturing are located. DDI uses a comprehensive computerized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to help manage all aspects of its operations. DDI is well positioned to meet customer expectations and efficiently grow our business.