Digital Dynamics, Inc. demonstrates PLC applications and LabVIEW®
 connectivity for the SuperIOr® Controller at ATX West 2017

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, JANUARY 14, 2017 - Digital Dynamics, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacture of input/output (I/O) controllers for large industrial applications, will be attending ATX West 2017 in Anaheim California. At the show DDI will be demonstrating their PLC-programmable SuperIOr Controller, which can run various IEC 61131-3 programming languages such as ladder diagram (LD) or structured text (ST). AltaStream, Inc., experts in the field of industrial automation control systems, are partners in the project.

“When your PLC rack grows big, it gets expensive. There is a cost tipping point when it really pays to look at other options,” said Ray Gorski, Director of Sales and Marketing for Digital Dynamics. “The new SuperIOr Controller offers a lower-cost hardware alternative, while improving performance, reliability and ease of assembly.”

SuperIOr Controller device drivers now interface with the LabVIEW® graphical programming measurement and simulation software. LabVIEW is a powerful extension to the SuperIOr Controller system and is especially useful in the early stages of tool development, allowing the system engineer to prototype and test process controls before committing to the final design. DDI’s customers have used LabVIEW to prototype new process control sequences in R&D process chambers, and to conduct process experimentation.

Visit Digital Dynamics and Altastream, Inc. in booth #4388 at ATX West (Automation Technology Expo West) February 7-9, 2017 in Anaheim, California. DDI’s latest SuperIOr Controller systems can operate at a higher performance level and at lower cost using your existing PLC program. The SuperIOr Controller can be integrated via Ethernet or EtherCAT and is suitable for SIL3 applications compliant with IEC61508.

The SuperIOr Controller is a distributed Input/Output (I/O) control system for embedded OEM machine control applications, consisting of a Master Controller module (MCM™) providing precise coordination of as many as 16 configurable Remote I/O Modules (RIMs™) distributed throughout a tool. The use of distributed RIMs drastically reduces the complexity of cables needed to connect to sensors and actuators compared to a centralized I/O control system. Moreover, since signals can be routed to any type of connector, standard cables and interconnects can be used, with significant cost savings in both materials and labor.

The SuperIOr Controller handles high-speed processing such as sequence automation and data monitoring with ease while ensuring system safety integrity through its redundant hardware interlocks.

SuperIOr® Controller is a registered trademark of Digital Dynamics, Inc.

LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instrument Corp.