Engineering & Development of a High Voltage Tester for a Solar Cell Manufacturing Center

IVT 009
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IVT 009

Product Description:

A high volume solar cell manufacturer needed to electrically characterize a complex semiconductor based product through Current-Voltage (I-V) testing, and was having difficulty finding a tester to support their needs. They were looking for a high-speed instrument with a ±300V voltage span, ±100 mA current range. It had to be accurate and reliable for both development efforts and production use. Standard high-voltage testers available on the market were expensive, slow, and allowed very little customization to support their application. As specialists in the development and manufacture of industrial process instrumentation, Digital Dynamics® was able to engineer a targeted solution that met their exact process demands at half the cost of competing products.

Comprised of 4 printed circuit board assemblies, this custom four-quadrant I-V tester was housed in a steel enclosure measuring 20"x 20" x 4" (LWH). Engineered for high speed processing, it delivered an order of magnitude reduction in production test times, resulting in significantly increasing throughput.

Partnering with Digital Dynamics® provided this customer with a turn-key, high-value solution that enabled them to meet their business objectives. To learn how our affordable, custom engineered products can help you reach a higher level of success, contact us today.

Highlights of this Engineering & Development Project

Product Description
This product allowed the customer to measure positive and negative currents and voltages.
Engineering & Development Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Designing/Product Development
  • Create Concepts
Overall Part Dimensions
20"x20"x4" (LWH)
± 300 voltage span and a ± 100 mA current range.
Reduced production test time by an order of magnitude.
Less than half the price of the competition.
Components/Material Used
Enclosure is cold rolled steel, brushed bright zinc finish. Inside are 4 Printed circuit board assemblies
In process testing/inspection performed
DDI designed electronics are 100% tested prior to shipment of finished units.
Industry for Use
Solar Cell Manufacturing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
6 months
Delivery Location
Built in Scotts Valley CA, Delivered to San Jose, CA.
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Custom Four-Quadrant I-V (Current - Voltage) Tester
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