Digital Dynamics, Inc, introduces the SuperIOr® EtherCAT® I/O Control System  

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, May 20, 2015 - Digital Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) today announced the introduction of the SuperIOr EtherCAT Controller System.  The new controller seamlessly integrates DDI’s SuperIOr Controller system with the EtherCAT bus.

The SuperIOr Controller is high-performance I/O (Input/Output) Controller system that off-loads much of the high speed control and monitoring load from a supervisory host and can simultaneously control and monitor up to 1000 mixed-signal inputs and outputs at speeds up to an 8 kHz scan rate.

“SuperIOr EtherCAT complements an EtherCAT® network by providing fail-safe, hardware-based interlocks and high-speed embedded control,” says Ray Gorski, Director of Sales and Marketing at Digital Dynamics.  “In a tool with many I/O points, adding a SuperIOr controller to the EtherCAT system can result in significant cost savings as well.”

The SuperIOr Controller unburdens the EtherCAT host computer from high speed control sequencing, interlocks, and data collection tasks. In addition, it can parse through collected data and notify the host when certain thresholds are reached. Event timing is synchronized with the EtherCAT clock to maintain a high degree of simultaneity with low jitter.

“EtherCAT is emerging as a popular industrial interface technology,” says Mr. Gorski. “Many of our customers have been asking for SuperIOr to function in their EtherCAT system.  This is a really exciting combination of technologies; one that leverages the strengths of both systems.”

Engineers save significant design time specifying I/O assignment and safety interlocks by using a simple spreadsheet configuration tool.  Interlocks can also be quickly reconfigured, virtually eliminating hardware design spins usually required to accommodate process changes.

Digital Dynamics, Inc. designs and manufactures I/O controllers and computer systems in Scotts Valley, California.  Products are customized for industrial applications. DDI is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company with 40 years of design and manufacturing.experience, and a worldwide installed base of more than 50,000 advanced electronic control systems.