SuperIOr® Controllers - The Future of I/O Control

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Digital Dynamics has developed a new generation of advanced-technology I/O controllers for the process control industry today. The SuperIOr Controller family is designed for applications that require high speed distributed I/O that simultaneously manage over 1000 inputs and 1000 outputs with sub-millisecond response times.

FUSION Controller™ and SuperIOr Controller® are distributed Input/Output (I/O) control systems for embedded OEM machine control applications, supporting complex control and interlock strategies with high speed distributed I/O. These advanced systems can manage thousands of digital and analog inputs and outputs (SuperIOr >3900; FUSION.IO >1900) with sub-millisecond response times. Typical applications include automation of semiconductor and photo-voltaic wafer fabrication tools, metrology systems, extrusion and molding machines, medical manufacturing and analysis equipment.

The systems operate under the control of a customer supplied supervisory EtherCAT® host computer.
I/O assignment and safety interlocks are easy to specify using an available configuration tool. Interlocks are evaluated by dual redundant FPGAs, providing the ultimate in configurable safety interlock integrity. The FPGA-based interlocks can be easily reconfigured, substantially reducing hardware design spins traditionally needed to accommodate process changes.


SuperIOr Controller
The Superior Controller system is composed of a Control Module® (CM) connected to a network of configurable Remote Interface Modules® (RIMs). The CM provides precise coordination of as many as 16 RIMs distributed throughout a tool.

RIMS and Modular I/O Cards
RIMs are fast I/O subsystems designed to support sensors and actuators throughout the controlled equipment. Each RIM is configured with multiple plug-in I/O cards specifically designed for machine control applications. The I/O cards support high-resolution analog and fast digital inputs and outputs, as well as precision temperature measurement, PID loop control and serial communications to smart devices.

A wide variety of I/O cards can be selected according to your requirements to provide the capabilities of a large bank of PLCs with a much smaller footprint, and more importantly, at a much lower cost. 
RIMs can be installed in close proximity to the devices with which they interface (up to 250 cable feet from the CM). Low cost CAT6 cables provide redundant communication paths between the CM and the RIMs, thus significantly reducing the need for complex custom cables usually required to reach I/O points in conventional control systems.

FUSION Controller with EtherCAT
The FUSION Integrated EtherCAT Controller is a new Input/Output (I/O) control system for embedded OEM machine control applications, combining a Superior CM and RIM in a single compact package. FUSION features customizable internal modules that allow precise tailoring of I/O with customer configured cables and interface boards.

The FUSION Controller is the latest addition to Digital Dynamics’ groundbreaking Superior Controller system, uniting a traditional single-enclosure IOC with state-of-the-art FPGA-based design and distributed I/O expansion with up to four Remote Interface Modules (RIMs).

The FUSION Controller brings the advantages of high-speed, embedded control, mixed-signal I/O, and FPGA-based interlocks to EtherCAT machine control systems. FUSION can unburden the EtherCAT host computer from high speed control sequencing, interlocks, and data collection tasks, while simultaneously monitoring and controlling over 1900 mixed-signal inputs and outputs at an 8 kHz scan rate. In addition, it can parse through collected data and notify the host when certain thresholds are reached.

The FUSION Controller with EtherCAT seamlessly integrates into your EtherCAT network in any topology: Line, tree, star, or daisy chain. FUSION.IO functions as an EtherCAT slave device with event timing synchronized with the EtherCAT clock to maintain a high degree of simultaneity and low jitter.

SuperIOr is the newest family of industrial control products designed and manufactured by DDI in our facilities in Scotts Valley, CA. DDI is an ISO 9001 registered company with 40 years of design and manufacturing experience and a worldwide installed base of more than 50,000 advanced electronic control system solutions. All DDI products are 100% tested before shipment. Typical manufacturing lead time is 4-6 weeks and our customers consistently rate us as one of their top suppliers for quality, reliability and on-time delivery. The SuperIOr Controller system incorporates patent pending-technology.

When you partner with us, you are assured of receiving well-engineered, high-value solutions.
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Custom I/O Control System Capabilities

General Capabilities
Engineering Design and Development of new products
Re-engineering products for manufacturability
Control Engineering Experts
Hardware and Software design

Turnkey solution from design through complete manufacturing

Integrate control functions
Product Name
SuperIOr Controllers
Master Control for Whole Process
Slave to Master System
Data Logging / Auto-Capture
Access and monitor all I/O points

Visual verification of all activity for process control and troubleshooting.

I/O Control and Monitor
Multiple hosts
Temperature Control
Valve Monitoring
End Point Detection
Configurable I/O
Special Application
Automatic Calibration
Logging Control
Energy Management
Remote Data Acquisition Control
Programmable Control Systems
Process Control
Up to 16 Remote I/O Modules (RIM)
Size and Performance
I/O Count

Improved timing Customized with Customer Designed Interfaces and Cabling

Easy, Fast and Inexpensive to Upgrade
Controlled Systems
I/O Control Systems
Gas and Liquid Flow Control
RF Generators
Turbo Pumps
Material Processing
Motion Control
Monitoring of
Semiconductor Wafer Process Tool Applications
Flow Control of Gases and Liquids
Control RF Generators
Turbo Pumps
Motion control
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
Thin Film Deposition
1 Control Module (CM)
Up to 16 Remote I/O Modules (RIMs)
Configurable I/O Type and Count
Cat 6 Cables for Interconnect
Simple Connections (RJ45 and DSUB)
Custom Enclosures (Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum)
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Data Logging
Interlock (I/L) Boards
Hard Wired Relays
Customizable Remotes
Over Temperature Limit Monitor
Custom Modules
Integrated Features in EIOC Custom Software
Temperature Control
Valve Monitoring
End Point Detection
Multiple Hosts
Modbus/TCP support
Single Control Module (CM)

Dedicated Diagnostic Port + a USB Port for Data Collection

Dual Redundant Programmable Safety Interlocks
Master Sizes Include Connections of up to 16 RIMs
Available for either Ethernet or EtherCAT Systems
Allows precise timing on all I/O on tool
Easy transition from Ethernet to EtherCAT
Remote I/O Modules (RIMs)
Customer Defined Interfaces
Customer Defined Cabling
Up to 16 remote I/O Modules (RIMs)
RIMS can be up to 200 feet away from MCM
Configurable I/O
Configurable I/O Control Tailored I/O Sizing
Digital I/O
Analog I/O
Thermocouples for Temperature Control
SSR Out Darlington Opto Out
Serial Drivers & Receivers
New Types Easily Added as Required
Precise Timing Between all I/O on Tool
Module Types
16 DOUT (Sourcing)
16 DOUT (Sinking)
8 SSR Out
8 Darlington Opto Out
16 Darlington Opto Out
8 Relay Dry Contact Out
16 DIN - for 24V Logic
16 DIN - for 5V Logic
8 AOUT (Offset Canceling 16 Bit)
16 AOUT (Common Ground)
8 AIN (Differential 16 Bit)
16 AIN (Single Ended)
7 Thermocouples
4 Serial (RS-232, 485, 422)
125us DIN/DOUT Update Rate (8 KHz)
500us AIN/AOUT Update Rate (2 KHz)
±30 ns Jitter
Intrinsic DOUT Monitoring
Diagnostic LCD Monitor
Displays state of all I/O and Interlocks from a tablet
Data logging Auto capture

Provides visual verification of all activity for process control and troubleshooting.

Displays system information
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Additional Information

Industry Focus
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Packaging Machinery
Medical Device Manufacturing
Food Processing Equipment
Tool Machine
Target Markets

Large Equipment with High I/O Count control requirements

Semiconductor Processing Equipment
Material processing
Industrial Sterilization Chambers
Heavy Equipment
Process Instrumentation
Production Equipment
Medical Sterilization
Food and Beverage
PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers
Packaging machinery
Capital equipment
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Safety Standards
UL 991
IEC 61508
CAD File Formats
Software Programming
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