What I like about working at DDI

We asked our employees, “What do you like about working at Digital Dynamics?”
These were their responses:

1.    Financial
      a.    Solid stable company
      b.    We share in the financial success of our company
      c.    ESOP – I’m an owner

2.    Management
      a.    Our management values the employees
      b.    I feel I am appreciated and my voice is heard
      c.    Clear management direction
      d.    Regular all hands meetings
      e.    I like the push for market growth
      f.    We are moving forward

3.    Work Culture
      a.    Good working environment
      b.    I feel like we are all in this together
      c.    I feel like I make a difference
      d.    I get to solve problems
      e.    I can talk to anybody and everybody I need to
      f.    Longevity – lots of long timers
      g.    People are passionate about what we are doing
      h.    Less stress than the Silicon Valley pressure cooker I came from
      i.    It’s small enough but big enough
      j.    We are really agile
      k.    Our products are built right here in Scotts Valley
      l.    We go out of our way to make our customers happy

4.    Technical Environment

      a.    The technology is challenging and interesting
      b.    We are a small team so everybody makes a difference
      c.    Engineering is located right next to manufacturing
      d.    It’s exciting to be building electronic products that are part of the future
      e.    I get to work on lots of different projects
      f.    They respect my knowledge
      g.    I can impact things

5.    Great location

      a.    I love working on this side of the Hill
      b.    I don’t have to drive over Hwy 17 anymore
      c.    My drive from the valley is a reverse commute
      d.    I like being close to Santa Cruz
      e.    We are in the redwoods

6.    Social Environment

      a.    Friendly family environment
      b.    I love the people I work with
      c.    This is a fun place to work