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Looking for a proven, global supplier to help bring your next product to market? Look no further.

  • DDI technology controls over $40 billion of mission critical process equipment to date, worldwide

  • Rigorous testing ensures compliance to the standards of the most demanding industries

  • We pride ourselves in on-time delivery, with capacity designed to scale with the needs of our customer’s served markets

  • Each of our products come with commitment to product life cycle support tailored to our customer’s needs

  • DDI adheres to industry’s most stringent compliance standards including TUV, CE as well as unique standards required by our customers

Deterministic Machine Control

DDI’s Fusion IO EtherCAT controllers are designed to solve industry’s demanding machine design requirements. Outputs are fully synchronized in real-time within and across every module. Jitter between I/O points is < 1 μs.

Modern Machine Design Requirements

  • Real-time EtherCAT control

  • Low latency signal propogation

  • High sampling rate I/O

  • High precision in demanding environments

  • Deterministic – low jitter

  • Applications requiring closed-loop control

DDI Fusion IO EtherCAT Delivers

  • EtherCAT distributed clock synchronization

  • Deterministic I/O response

  • IO scan rate to 8kHz

  • Analog input and temperature sensor measurement up to 24-bit

  • Precise I/O synchronization, with < 1 μs jitter

  • Remote I/O expansion, retaining TUV SIL3 rating across the entire I/O array

Intrinsic Functional Safety

DDI Fusion IO Solutions are Functional Safety Certified SIL3 by TÜV.

  • Fusion IO controllers are certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet SIL3 per IEC 61508 SIL3

  • Intrinsic SIL3 safety rating enables elimination of external relays & expensive supplementary hardware devices

  • Fusion IO interlocks are designed in software and run on hardware, eliminating costly safety PLC computers and associated software licensing and support

Cost-Effective Solutions

I/O points are fully configurable and scalable enabling design optimization for cost, manufacturability and seamless I/O expansion.

  • DDI’s modular architecture enables customization of its I/O and packaging to meet precise cost targets

  • Interlock Builder™ enables swift design, test, and deployment of complex I/O arrays, saving OEM’s up to months of development time

  • DDIs “common platform” hardware design ensures reliable performance at stable, competitive pricing

Machine Design Flexibility

The Fusion IO architecture enables centralized and blended central & remote I/O control schemes.

  • Fusion IO controllers include four remote interface module (RIM) ports, enabling planned I/O expansion when it’s needed

  • RIMs can be located anywhere needed, connected via low cost shielded CAT6 cable up to a distance of 250 feet

  • DDI Interlock Builder™ software utility enables creation of complex I/O logic arrays that run on Fusion IO hardware

Faster Time to Market

Interlock BuilderTM enables swift I/O array design, test and deployment, saving OEM’s up to months of development time.

  • DDI Interlock Builder™ can save weeks or months of design time associated with traditional relay interlock schemes

  • Quickly create interlocks with graphical BOOLEAN logic gates, and an array of timers

  • Select and configure I/O points with the click of mouse

  • Interlock Builder™ shcematic check utility and powerful Live Monitor feature enable interactive design verification, speeding development and flexibility address changing requirements

  • Interlock schemes created by the customer using Interlock Builder™ can be pre-installed by DDI to ensure compliance with the strictest industry change control requirements such as Copy Exactly

Proven Reliability

Fusion IO controllers work reliably under demanding operating conditions.

  • Fusion IO controllers are tested in-house by DDI to meet the customer’s most demanding environmental performance requirements

  • DDIs in-house expertise in HALT and HASS testing enables collaboration with our customers to ensure adherence to industry’s strictest up-time requirements
  • With over 100,000 I/O controllers shipped, DDI has a proven track record of high up-time and demonstrated reliability

Trusted Partner

DDI is committed to your success with unparalleled product life cycle management support.

  • DDI Solution Engineers work closely with your engineers to select, configure and integrate its products into your system

  • Fusion IO modular architecture can deliver custom versions as soon as eight weeks from schematic approval to hardware delivery

  • DDI’s experience and maturity in the market ensures continuity of support and supply to support the most demanding product life cycles


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