A Proven Global Supplier

Looking for a proven, global supplier to help bring your next product to market? Look no further.

  • DDI technology controls over $40 billion of mission critical process equipment to date, worldwide

  • Rigorous testing ensures compliance to the standards of the most demanding industries

  • We pride ourselves in on-time delivery, with capacity designed to scale with the needs of our customer’s served markets

  • Each of our products come with commitment to product life cycle support tailored to our customer’s needs

  • DDI adheres to industry’s most stringent compliance standards including TUV, CE as well as unique standards required by our customers

Deterministic Machine Control

DDI’s Fusion.IO EtherCAT safe I/O controllers are designed to solve industry’s demanding machine design requirements. Outputs are fully synchronized in real-time within and across every module. Jitter between I/O points is < 1 μs.

Modern Machine Design Requirements

  • Real-time EtherCAT control

  • Low latency signal propogation

  • High sampling rate I/O

  • High precision in demanding environments

  • Deterministic – low jitter

  • Applications requiring closed-loop control

DDI Fusion IO EtherCAT Delivers

  • EtherCAT distributed clock synchronization

  • Deterministic I/O response

  • IO scan rate to 8kHz

  • Analog input and temperature sensor measurement up to 24-bit

  • Precise I/O synchronization, with < 1 μs jitter

  • Remote I/O expansion, retaining TUV SIL3 rating across the entire I/O array

Intrinsic Functional Safety

DDI Fusion.IO Solutions are Functional Safety Certified SIL3 by TÜV.

  • Fusion.IO controllers are certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet SIL3 per IEC 61508 SIL3

  • Intrinsic SIL3 safety rating enables elimination of external relays & expensive supplementary hardware devices

  • Fusion.IO interlocks are designed in software and run on hardware, eliminating costly safety PLC computers and associated software licensing and support

Cost-Effective Solutions

I/O points are fully configurable and scalable enabling design optimization for cost, manufacturability and seamless I/O expansion.

  • DDI’s modular architecture enables customization of its I/O and packaging to meet precise cost targets

  • Interlock Builder™ enables swift design, test, and deployment of complex I/O arrays, saving OEM’s up to months of development time

  • DDIs “common platform” hardware design ensures reliable performance at stable, competitive pricing

Machine Design Flexibility

The Fusion.IO architecture enables centralized and blended central & remote I/O control schemes.

  • Fusion IO controllers include four remote interface module (RIM) ports, enabling planned I/O expansion when it’s needed

  • RIMs can be located anywhere needed, connected via low cost shielded CAT6 cable up to a distance of 250 feet

  • DDI Interlock Builder™ software utility enables creation of complex I/O logic arrays that run on Fusion IO hardware

Faster Time to Market

Interlock BuilderTM enables swift I/O array design, test and deployment, saving OEM’s up to months of development time.

  • DDI Interlock Builder™ can save weeks or months of design time associated with traditional relay interlock schemes

  • Quickly create interlocks with graphical BOOLEAN logic gates, and an array of timers

  • Select and configure I/O points with the click of mouse

  • Interlock Builder™ shcematic check utility and powerful Live Monitor feature enable interactive design verification, speeding development and flexibility address changing requirements

  • Interlock schemes created by the customer using Interlock Builder™ can be pre-installed by DDI to ensure compliance with the strictest industry change control requirements such as Copy Exactly

Proven Reliability

Fusion IO controllers work reliably under demanding operating conditions.

  • Fusion IO controllers are tested in-house by DDI to meet the customer’s most demanding environmental performance requirements

  • DDIs in-house expertise in HALT and HASS testing enables collaboration with our customers to ensure adherence to industry’s strictest up-time requirements
  • With over 100,000 I/O controllers shipped, DDI has a proven track record of high up-time and demonstrated reliability

Trusted Partner

DDI is committed to your success with unparalleled product life cycle management support.

  • DDI Solution Engineers work closely with your engineers to select, configure and integrate its products into your system

  • Fusion IO modular architecture can deliver custom versions as soon as eight weeks from schematic approval to hardware delivery

  • DDI’s experience and maturity in the market ensures continuity of support and supply to support the most demanding product life cycles


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