OEMs rely on DDI’s core competencies in electronics engineering, embedded FPGA design and electromechanical packaging to solve their unique, application specific requirements. Contact DDI for a consultation on your next project. Measures and reports the critical process parameters:

  • Forward, reflected, delivered power

  • Voltage, current, phase-angle

  • Impedance: Real, imaginary, and magnitude

  • RF signal presence

  • Pulsed RF, continuous wave RF

  • Pulse timing, on time, repeat time

  • 1kHz sample rate

Plasma Power Meter

  • Equipped with RIM input expansion port for control by a SuperIOr C/M
  • Enables real-time measurement RF energy, enabling precise control or critical RF plasma processes
  • Standard with six probe channels
  • Available to OEMs with custom channel configurations

VIX Probe

  • Single channel, equipped with ethernet interface
  • Web-server interface


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