Fusion IO is DDI’s state-of-the-art I/O platform delivering real-time EtherCAT control of central and remote I/O. The Fusion IO platform supports centralized, or blended central & remote I/O arrays. Fusion IO controllers are equipped with four RIM expansion ports enabling real-time direct control of remote I/O at distances up to 250ft. Fusion IO technology delivers best-in-class features at a lower cost to deploy, and with a lower cost of ownership.

  • Fast and Deterministic Machine Control: 8 KHz EtherCAT I/O

  • Built-in Functional Safety: Fusion IO is TÜV certified for SIL 3 functional safety

  • Cost Effective: Configurable I/O mix – pay only for the I/O you need, and add when needed

  • Machine Design Flexibility: Enable centralized and distributed controls

  • Customizable: Customer selects the I/O slot-card mix, and system interface (Field Connect) designed to accept the customers preferred cabling scheme
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Program complex interlock schemes with DDI’s software utility – Interlock BuilderTM

  • Proven Reliability: Reliable under wide operating conditions

  • Trusted Partner: Backed by the most committed team in the industry

  • Expansion Ports: Add up to 4 remote I/O modules (RIMs) to your safety I/O system

  • Versatile: Add DIO, AIO, temperature sensing and even RS232/RS485 serial communication to your EtherCAT network

Fusion IO Controller Platform

Centralized I/O Control with Expansion Capability

Fusion IO is a turn-key solution merging real-time I/O control, intrinsic SIL3 functional safety and direct control of remote I/O into a powerful, cost effective solution. DDI’s Fusion IO control platform answers the needs of designers of the most demanding, mission critical automation and process equipment worldwide.

Fusion IO incorporates a real-time EtherCAT network interface enabling direct control of remote IO by adding a Remote Interface Module (RIM) to one of its four remote I/O expansion (RIM) ports.

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  • Supports up to 8 kHz EtherCAT I/O frequency
  • TUV certified programmable interlocks
  • Expansion ports host up to 4 remote I/O modules (RIMs)

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Fusion24 has slots for up to 24 I/O slot-cards. As a turn-key solution, Fusion 24 supports up-to 384 internal I/O’s. It is expandable with up-to 4 RIMs for a total of 1920 I/O.


Fusion12 has slots for up to 12 I/O slot-cards. As a turn-key solution, Fusion 12 supports up-to 192 internal I/O’s. It is expandable with up-to 4 RIMs for a total of 1728 I/O.


Fusion8 has slots for up to 8 I/O slot-cards. As a turn-key solution, Fusion 12 supports up-to 128 internal I/O’s. It is expandable with up-to 4 RIMs for a total of 1664 I/O.

Remote I/Os Modules (RIMs) Product Family

Connect a RIM to an Expansion Port to Extend Real-Time I/O Control to Where it is Needed on the Machine

  • Available 24, 12 and 6, I/O card capacity

  • TUV certified programmable interlocks

  • Select from a wide variety of I/O cards or request a custom

RIM With 24 I/O Slot-cards

Supports up-to 384 internal I/O

RIM with 12 I/O Slot-cards

Supports up-to 192 internal I/O

RIM with 6 I/O Slot-cards

Supports up to 96 internal I/O

Mini-RIM Product Family

Mini-RIMs are Low-Cost Modules with Same Features as RIMS, but in a Single Board Design with Fixed I/O Configurations

  • Standard or customer fixed I/O configurations available

  • TUV certified programmable interlocks

  • Ideal for high-volume I/O applications, SIL3 safety included

Mini-RIM A

16 DI, 16 DO, 8 Relay Out

Mini-RIM B

16 DI, 16 DO, 16 Relay Out

Mini-RIM C

32 DI, 32 DO, 16 Relay Out

Mini-RIM D

16 DI, 16 DO, 8 AI,
8 AO, 8 Relay Out

Interlock BuilderTM

  • Graphical software for simple interlock design

  • Drag and drop GUI makes the software easy-to-use and learn

  • Enables direct programming and validation of a development controller

  • Quickly create interlocks with AND, OR, XOR and I/O signals with click of mouse

  • Timers enable precision scheduling of IO activation

  • Verify interlock with one button programming to a commission a Fusion IO Controller


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